The Open Minds Alliance is a non-profit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island. Our mission is to facilitate and promote a Tolerant, Inclusive, Knowledgeable, Insightful, Enjoyable and Community Oriented atmosphere in the state of Rhode Island. Individuals from all Walks of Life, Cultural & Ethnic Backgrounds, Political Affiliations, Religious Adherences, Sexual Preferences, Philosophies, Disabilities, and all other forms of Diversity are encouraged to join OMA in creating Positive Change throughout the state of Rhode Island through Volunteer Work and spreading Peaceful Social Awareness. OMA aims to further achieve its goals in a wholly unbiased manner by Setting Differences Aside, sharing knowledge during Weekly Meetings, participating in Scheduled Events and maintaining a Positive and Open Mindset.

In order to achieve this, our main goal is to positively benefit the community by providing materials, education, and resources to those that need them the most.  Our main benefactors include, but are not limited to, the homeless, children and our veterans. With the partnership of local residents and businesses we will continue to distribute goods such as food, clothing, everyday supplies and other assorted materials. However, we also stress the importance of self-empowerment, educational and financial literacy, responsibility, respect, and altruism. As such, it is also just as important for us to give back to the community by helping these individuals find jobs, get an education, become productive members of society, and overall turn their lives around.

We are committed to enabling Rhode Island to thrive again as it used to for many years. As a pioneer of many of this country’s core values, Rhode Island used to be the cornerstone of the United States. We will not stop working even after this state flourishes once more.

“The sovereign power of all civil authority is founded in the consent of the people.” – Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island